Episode 9 History of company founder Nichimu Inada

Nichimu Inada is the founder and president of FAMILY INADA. Through success and failure he has been a manufacturer of massage chairs for more than a half century.His history as a manufacturer is introduced below.

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Leap forward as a specialist in massage chairs

In those days such thing was said, while massage chairs started to be distributed to many households. 

We used a massage chair for a while after purchase, but no longer use the chair for massage, but for storage…..
It is good for father, but I cannot use because the body hurts…..  

Inada also heard such opinions.  
Inada blamed himself.

“I have not been able to create a massage chair customers really need.”
Inada, started to dedicate himself to research and development of massage chairs, and was continuously thinking.
What the truly valuable massage chair is, what the massage chair to make customers happy is, and what the effective massage chair is.

Inada told persons in charge of development to carry out research and development focusing on the following two subjects.

One is the massage chair better than human hand.
Another one is the massage chair that can be used by all family members.

Inada played a central role to continue research and development of new products with his own power of idea and tenacity of purpose.

Want to make something better than Massage Chair! "Medical Chair" developed

Inada was convinced.
Massage chairs have actions only because of being machinery.
Artistic massage should be provided.

The basic massage technique includes kneading and tapping.
Kneading and tapping can be performed at a constant speed and amount because the chair is machinery.
Machinery has capability to generate “basic massage actions.”

What Inada insisted on to generate kneading action better than human hand was “pull-kneading touch” proper to human hand. In order to reproduce “persistent kneading,” such as “firm-holding, and pull-kneading” which can be performed only by human being, he repeated trial production a number of times, and finally achieved “extreme slow system” of slowly kneading action as slow as it almost stops.  

Further, Inada thought.
In the massage chairs of those days, for shorter people, even the head was massaged with running rollers.

Professional massage practitioners find tsubo points in accordance with individual body shape for treatment.
If massage chairs can recognize individually different body types and find tsubo points for massage, they can be more effective and used every day comfortably.

He assigned the mission to the development team, and the industry’s first technology, “Optical Sensor Automatic Shiatsu Point Locator System” which can read individual body types and finds tsubo points was finally developed.
Machines with these technologies equipped reached one suitable to be called “Medical Chair” better than the existing massage chairs and having medical perspective.
Inada’s idea and thoughts finally took a concrete shape as a product.

Create genuine articles with one’s whole heart

Create genuine articles with one’s whole heart
A product developed mainly by Inada was named “Medical Chair i.1” and came out with in 2000.

The price of the mainstream massage chairs of those days was 200,000 yen. This “Medical Chair i.1” was the 300,000 yen level.

However, the “Medical Chair i.1” was sold in huge numbers due to its comfortable bodily sensation.

Inada’s decision to concentrate on massage chairs only and the tenacity of purpose over years were paid off.
Inada thought.

Users are correct. Products created while holding a tenacity of purpose and straightly facing it make people happy and are valued by people.

After all, we have to create genuine articles.

Moreover, we have to create them with our pure and whole heart.

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