Episode 3 History of company founder Nichimu Inada

Nichimu Inada is the founder and president of FAMILY INADA. Through success and failure he has been a manufacturer of massage chairs for more than a half century.His history as a manufacturer is introduced below.

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From a “subcontractor”to a “proposal company” in half a year

Jobs came along steadily and orders increased to fill his one man capacity.
However, it was not easy to increase staff and the thought of profits.

Because Inada, who was a former accountant, knew about financial matters well, he noticed that he could not add employees in consideration of profit margins.

In such a case, he was finished.
He was puzzled.

“I should not do subcontracting work indefinitely. I must make high-value-added products.”

Then, he decided to make trial products his way and sell them to prime contractors.

Trial product of the massage chairWhile handling routine work, he completed a trial product in two months after a process of trial and error.

The body he made in those days was regular-square, which was hard to sit in, and also had problems with design and compactness.

He proposed an improved product to solve such problems.

He changed lauan materials to decorative laminates and pipes.

That shortened the machining time and reduced material costs.

Furthermore, the trial product was just right for the prime contractor due to its improved design and compactness.

I grow up with the aid of neighboring peopleThe response was extremely favorable, and it was immediately adopted as:
“This is good-looking.”
“This is compact and can be delivered to not only bathhouses but also to health centers and wealthy customers.”
As a matter of course, the product won a big market.

Until that time, daily production was one at most, but three to five improved products could be made in a day by shortening the machining time.

In addition, they were being purchased at a higher price than before by adding value.



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