Smart Body Care Life

Smart Body Care Life

AI detects muscle stiffness due to fatigue and massages according to your physical condition

According to the muscle’s shape and size of the person receiving the massage and the level of muscle stiffness at that moment in time, the artificial intelligence mechanism adjusts the massage operation to optimal strength andtime. The speed of movement of the rollers are controlled according to the load received fromthe rollers during a massage, so that stiffenedareas are massaged deeply and slowly, and once unstiffened, massaged rhythmically.

Loosening by massaging deeply and slowly Massages rhythmically

  • This puts in the time carefully to massage areas that require some force, such as your back, hips, and calves and the like.

  • This also firmly and strongly massages areas where pressure is applied when massaging your thighs and neck muscles.

  • This gently and lightly massages areas that are soft, fine with a light stiffness.

Offering you a massage that closely resembles that of a professional masseuse with centripetal method and centrifuging method

・Centripetal Method
Circulates the blood well from one end to the center of body.
・Centrifuging Method
Circulates the blood well from the center of the body to an end.

Intensive massage of areas of fatigue of the body with a double engine, upper and lower mechanisms equipped with AI

・Lower Body

The leg mechanism firmly massages from the thigh base to the calf and around the ankles.

・Neck and Shoulders

By supporting the thigh base with the leg mechanism, this also massages stiff shoulders from above.

  • Morning SessionThis course focuses on promoting blood and lymphatic flow and working the parasympathetic nerves.
    This promotes recovery from fatigue and helps to relieve fatigue and stress.
  • Night SessionThis course focuses on promoting systemic blood flow and working the sympathetic nerves to activate your body quickly.This supports bringing about a positive feeling.
  • Full BodyThe combined movement of the upper and lower mechanisms offers well-balanced massage to full body and helps promote better blood flow.
  • Neck and ShouldersMassages focusing on your neck and shoulders.
    We highly recommend this for peoplewho are tired from desk work or housework.
  • Upper BodyFirmly massages your neck, shoulders, hips and back.
  • Lower BodyFirmly massages your thigh base to the calf and ankles.
    We recommend this for people who suffer from tired feet.
  • Soft ModeYou can adjust this mode to feel soft on your lower body, to your liking.

Massage Supervisor Mr. Hideyo Matsuura

Director of Matsuura Acupuncture Clinic and Visiting Professor of Kansai University of Health Sciences.Formerly team trainer for the Suntory men’s volleyball team.

マッサージ監修 松浦英世氏

Massage Supervisor Mr. Hideyo Matsuura

Director of Matsuura Acupuncture Clinic and Visiting Professor of Kansai University of Health Sciences.Formerly team trainer for the Suntory men’s volleyball team.

Mr. Matsuura has been a leader in field of acupuncture for more than 40 years. He is also highly trusted by top athletes and has a high reputation as one of Japan’s leading therapists. Mr. Matsuura is also known as the “therapist with the hand of God.”

Sophisticated design that fits into the interior

High-quality design that brings harmony to diverse lifestyles

Designed with consideration toward its fitting into different living spaces, such as living and dining areas, bedrooms, and Japanese-style rooms. We have also created an optional dedicated chair stand.

Compact and Lightweight

This chair can be installed in a variety of rooms because of its compact size while still offering full massage functions using the double engine.
Furthermore, you can freely and easily rearrange where you place it because it is lightweight, at only approximately 26 kg (57 lbs.).

Color variations

A luxurious sofa-like body care chair that blends into your lifestyle

For more freedom, and smarter body care.
Vita — developed out of new concept

You don’t have to go to a professional masseuse, or to have someone watch over your children, or reduce your time at work.

This offers body care to stay active tomorrow without allowing everyday stress and fatigue to build up.

  • For mothers who are exhausted from caring for her family
  • And for those who are always rushing off to attend to their work
  • For couples who are looking for ways to enjoy life after retirement

AI (artificial intelligence) controls

FAMILY INADA’s unique double engine thoroughly massages the body

Overview of the Mechanism That Suits the Body
Vita has a built-in “double engine” that clarifies the differences between the upper body and the lower body structures and offers a mechanism that is compatible with the human body.
By driving upper and lower artificial intelligence mechanisms in conjunction, we have attained the “true essence of massaging.”
Please give a try to the special massage and relaxation that you wouldn’t be able to imagine simply by looking at its external form.

Leg mechanism (Thigh Base ⇔ Calf/Ankle)

AI Annular Deep Massaging Mechanism

With an AI mechanism equipped with a total of 44 shiatsu points, it securely grips your calf over a wide area for the massage. Use the courses designed around the theme of promoting lymphatic flow to focus on your thigh base.

Back Mechanism (Neck ⇔ Waist)

AI Android Mechanism

The four rollers using an AI mechanism gent l y ma s s age the splenius muscle in line with your physical characteristics, stiffness and level of fatigue. You’ll experiencet reatment that closely resembles that of a professional masseuse with its firm and light massaging.


main body

Sales Name Inada Chair Vita
Model No. HCP-VT200
Accessories Power Cord
Reclining Angle Approx. 115° to 169° relative to the horizontal plane Stepless (electric reclining)
Exterior Fabric Synthetic Leather (BK)(, IV), (RD)/Fabric (GR), (CW)
Power Supply 110~240 V AC 50-60 Hz
Rated Power Consumption 75W
Weight Approx. 26 kg (57 lbs.)
Medical Device Manufacturer/Distributor License No. 31B2X00003
Manufacturer Warranty Period One Year

Vita Series Option

Product Name Chair Stand
Model No. OP-VT001
Material Iron (Chrome Plating/Baked Paint)
Weight Approx. 8kg (18 lbs.)
Adaptive Weight 100 kg (220 lbs.)
Manufacturer Warranty Period One Year